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Seeker Issue: index file locked after an error

Name: index file locked after an error
ID: 2
Project: Seeker
Type: Enhancement
Area: Code
Severity: Normal
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Daniel Schmid
Created: 07/07/08 10:59 AM
Updated: 07/07/08 11:06 AM
Description: When parsing a file breaks CF throws an error. if indexwriter is not closed yet, it gets a java lock. Before you're able to index again you habe to restart cf server. To fix this, you may add a try/catch-block around file indexing loop, in the catch section add "indexWriter.close()"
History: Created by ananda (Daniel Schmid) : 07/07/08 10:59 AM

Comment by cfjedimaster (Raymond Camden) : 07/07/08 11:06 AM
Interesting. How did CF fail to read a file? Permissions? I need to know how to recreate it here.

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